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Teacher’s Guide: How to Ensure a Safe School at All Times

Parents used to fetch their children off to school for the day with full confidence that their children will be completely safe and secure. Because of mass shootings, campus violence is now a major concern among parents and teachers. Recent incidents like what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Sandy Hook pose a lot of questions such as “Is my child safe at school?”. While you may not really do much about putting an end to gun violence, there are steps a teacher can do to ensure that the school is kept safe. You can safeguard the safety and security of your students by keeping several helpful classroom tips in mind.

1. It is important to know your school’s layout. Every teacher should now the hall names, classroom numbers, and every information possible pertaining to the school layout. A teacher can equip himself or herself with the right information on exit routes and safety measures in times of violence or emergency. Active shooting incidents happen even in school grounds, so knowing the exit routes by heart can save the lives of many children. You can help the school administration to develop an effective plan when violence or emergency happens.

2. Teaching far away from the door is better than close to it. You have a moral responsibility as a teacher and shooting attacks usually target teachers first. You students greatly rely on your guidance in times like these, and you’ll be their source of help and strength. Placing your teaching podium or desk further away from the classroom’s door will make you a more difficult target.

3. You can create a barrier or wall on the way into your classroom for safety purposes. Construct a barrier or natural wall on the way to your classroom, forcing an intruder to work harder to get inside, buying you and your students more time. These things could be a closet, bookshelf, or storage boxes that can be made stackable on the door. Create it in a way that it won’t obstruct your pupils but will make a lot more difficult for an intruder to get in.

5. Investing in safety devices is very important. It is hard to close average locks within seconds if there’s already an attacker, so invest on safety locks that are more advanced and error-proof.

Be vigilant and pay close attention to the things around you so you can act smartly during emergencies, most especially on shooting attacks. Click here for more information about school safety. Click for more info on this site now! Also, read more here or learn about safety measures you can apply, and click this website and know more about home and school safety.