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Some Fun Facts About Your Eyes That Are Interesting
The eyes are the way we can see your soul. Whoever came up with this notion knew that the eyes could tell your deep feelings. even if you can give a fake smile, your eyes will always betray your true feelings. This page will help you discover more fun and interesting facts about your eyes.

A lot of caucasian babies are given birth to with blue eye color. The eye color will change as they grow older and the body develops melanin as they are not born with enough melanin. Interestingly, babies cannot produce tears until they reach about two or three months of age. If you have blue eyes you share this trait with other common ancestral blue-eyed person on the planet.

The eyelid muscles react in milliseconds. In any given second, you can blink five times. This involuntary response is very important to the well-being of your eyes than you know. Blinking is often minimal when you are reading. That is the reason why reading for long hours will tend to get your eyes to feel tired. Blinking aids in getting the eye moist to prevent dryness. The fast response of blinking also keeps the eye from any dangers that may harm it like a bright light or objects thrown to your face.

The human eye consists of 107 million cells that help the brain to understand what is around us. The eye helps to limit the amount of light that gets in the pupil by contracting and relaxing the iris muscles. The pupil becomes large in the dark to help more light go in, so we are better able to see in the dark. The eyes work with the brain to determine the type of images and colors that are projected to the brain. Some differ in translations of various colors. This is partly because of your genes or other factors that affect the way your brain interprets what is projected.

People have different eye problems including blindness. Technological advances have helped in the correction of these impairments including glasses and contact lenses. The body also provides a high concern for the eyes. The body can restore a scratched cornea within 48 hours. Your tears wash away any dust and particles that get into the eye and also contain antibodies that help to fight off infections that affect your eyes.

The eyes help us to see the world. Also, they help the world to see us. Whether you have blue, brown or green eyes, they are the pair that does more other than helping you find your way around. The way the eyes help preserve themselves is fascinating and show us how critical they are to our lives.